St. Augustine Church 

5009 - 48 Ave, Taber, Alberta



St. Joseph Church

328 - 2nd Ave, Vauxhall, Alberta 



We strive to be a Christ-centred Catholic Community growing in faith. 



We welcome and love all who seek God by learning, sharing and living the Catholic Faith.




Weekend Masses

Saturdays:                    5:00 pm, Taber

Sundays:                       9:00 am, Taber

                                   11:00 am, Vauxhall



Tuesday:                       7:00 pm, Taber

Wednesday:          9:00 am, Clearview     Lodge

Thursday:                      9:00 am, Taber

Friday:                           9:00 am, Taber

1st Saturdays:              10:30 am, Linden View


Eucharistic Adoration

Friday 9:30 - 10:30 am

followed by Chaplet of Divine Mercy


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Tuesday 6:30 pm, Taber

Saturday 4:00 to 4:45 pm, Taber


Sacraments of Initiation

If interested in exploring the Catholic Faith or completing the Sacraments of Initiation as an adult or youth,  contact Parish Office at 403.223.2226.



Couples registered within the parish are required to make arrangements at least six months prior to the date of marriage by calling 403.223.2226 and must complete a Marriage Preparation Program.


Sacrament of the Sick

If you know of any parishioner who is ill, at home, or in the hospital, please call 403.223.2226, so our Eucharistic Ministers of the Sick may bring communion, or anointing can be arranged.



Infant baptism is celebrated following Completion of our parish Baptism Preparation Program.  New and expectant parents are invited to call 403.223.2226.


The Sacrament of Baptism

We shares your family’s joy at the birth of your child! And we are indeed delighted that you are asking for your child to be initiated into our faith community through the sacrament of Baptism.

To make this an informed decision and a meaningful choice for your family and especially for the faith life of your child, we have some directives that are intended to help you understand the responsibilities that are yours and those that pertain to the church.

The sacrament of Baptism is the first of the three sacraments of initiation. The other two are Eucharist and Confirmation.
The sacraments celebrate God’s presence among us and provide a unique meeting with Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord. It is in the faith community that your child will be reborn in the newness of life in Christ; grow and be nurtured in the Catholic faith; and, later celebrate together with the rest of us, God’s goodness and love in the Eucharist; and the full release of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation.

The Catholic Church teaches that parents are the primary and indispensable teachers of their children in both the matter and ways of faith. It is by your own faith and practice that you provide an essential key for your child’s faith-filled entrance into the Body of Christ.
Parents requesting Baptism for their children are invited to recognize that they are part of a faith community entrusted with the handing on of faith. The "faith" in question is not just a vague sense of the mystery of life’s meaning or a dim notion of a Supreme Being; rather is it quite specifically a faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ, the supreme revelation of God! The challenge of Catholic parents is to lead children to a true and real relationship with God amid the People of God.
Infant children are very open to God, and thus are always ready for Baptism.  Such is not always the case with parents. For one reason or another, parents may not attend Mass, or receive the sacraments, or attend to the Church's laws regarding sacramental marriage, or express faith in Jesus in any traditional way. If such is the case, parents/guardians ought to talk with the Pastor in a spirit of support for the children involved, so that reconciliation with the Church might be brought about.

There are a few situations where family circumstances require pastoral consideration, special paperwork. These arise thus:
1. When a family is not registered in St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish but is living within it’s territorial jurisdiction;
2. When a family is registered in another parish or is clearly living outside the jurisdiction of St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish.  If you worship at a different Parish and request a baptism at St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish, please remember we require a letter of permission to baptize your child from your “home” Pastor, along with an indication of participation in a Baptism Preparation Program. This is integral to your scheduling of a baptism at St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish;
3. When a family is living in the jurisdiction of St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish and wishes to celebrate in another Parish;
4. When a child comes from a family of divorced parents, or of separated parents, or unmarried parents, or where named biological parents are not living together – the issue of a formal “Consent to Baptism” might pertain.

If any of these circumstances apply to you and you have not yet discussed this with the Pastor, please make arrangements to do so.

The role of Godparent is to both represent an extended family and the Christian community in supporting and assisting parents in fulfilling their obligations as Catholic parents.

Having two Godparents is customary. One of the Godparents should be a baptized Catholic, at least 16 years of age, who have received Communion, have been Confirmed, and are living a life of faith (if your Catholic Godparent is not confirmed, do not worry, we can prepare them for that). One Catholic Godparent, male or female, is sufficient; but there may be two, one of each sex. Traditionally, parents choose two Godparents. Please keep in mind that ‘baptized Christians’ may serve as official witnesses to a baptism, but are not properly viewed as Godparents. Thus is it common to have one Godparent (a Catholic) along with a witness (who is a ‘baptized Christian’). Note: Godparents and witnesses are encouraged to attend baptismal preparation with the parents.

Baptisms are both family and parish celebrations; hence, Baptism celebrations may occur weekends at Mass or outside of Mass. The opportunity to schedule your child's Baptism celebration takes place once you have completed the Registration for the Baptism of a Child Form (remember to bring along a copy of the child’s birth certificate with you to the Parish Office) and participated in the Baptism Preparation Program. To avoid disappointment, do not invite family and guests until preparation has been completed and a date and time has been approved and confirmed by the parish staff.

Register in person at the Parish Office. Please remember to bring in an official copy of your child’s birth certificate, your baptism certificate and the godparent’s baptism certificate with confirmation notification.

Once you have completed the ‘Request for Baptism Form’, we will let you know the schedule of the Baptism Preparation Program.  Remember that it is upon the completion of baptism preparation that a family can proceed to schedule their baptism through the Parish Office.

Participation in the Baptism Preparation Program is essential for parents celebrating a child’s baptism for the first time at St. Augustine and/or St. Joseph Parish.

Baptisms are not celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

These notes have been prepared to help you plan the Baptism of your child in a manner befitting this great and first Sacrament.  Our community welcomes you and your child through the sacrament of Baptism to celebrate, with us, God's life and love!